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Who I work on?

From Pregnancies, to newborns, to growing children, adults and geriatrics! I do it all! For your fur babies- MOSTLY horses and dogs- but have my occasional cats, bunnies, hamsters, goats, cows, etc. I have enough room in this heart for ALL of the furry babes. If they have a spine, they need adjustments! When you remove the interference of the nervous system- we chiropractors call this a subluxation- your body (or animal’s body) has the INNATE ABILITY to heal 100% of the time.

Healing Experience

I love the option of eastern medicine first, and natural remedies instead of “masking” a symptom.  We as chiropractors, whether you are a human or an animal, have the innate ability to heal from within.  I pride myself in educating patients, whether you are the patient or the fur babies parent, I will always educate you on what I am doing and why.  Chiropractic should be a pleasant, and healing experience. When you walk away, you will know your “power is on”. 

Dr. Kari

I was an athlete growing up and when I was a little girl I started going to a chiropractor due to some low back issues. I continued chiropractic care for wellness and I fell in love with the principles and philosophies. I knew early on that this is what I wanted to be “when I grew up”.

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