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Who we work on?

From pregnancies, to newborns, to growing children, adults and geriatrics! We do it all! For your fur babies- mostly horses and dogs- but have our occasional cats, bunnies, hamsters, goats, cows, etc. We have enough room in this heart for all of the furry babes.

If they have a spine, they need adjustments!

When you remove the interference of the nervous system- we chiropractors call this a subluxation- your body (or animal’s body) has the INNATE ABILITY to heal 100% of the time.

Healing Experience

We love the option of eastern medicine first, and natural remedies instead of “masking” a symptom. We as chiropractors, whether you are a human or an animal, have the innate ability to heal from within.

We pride ourselves in educating patients, whether you are the patient or the fur babies parent, we will always educate you on what we are doing and why.

Chiropractic should be a pleasant, and healing experience. When you walk away, you will know your “power is on”.

Dr. Kari

I was an athlete growing up and when I was a little girl I started going to a chiropractor due to some low back issues. I continued chiropractic care for wellness and I fell in love with the principles and philosophies. I knew early on that this is what I wanted to be “when I grew up”.

Dr. Lex

I grew up in a small Texas town where medication was the answer to everything from headaches to disease. I knew there had to be a better way of living, and I started exploring natural remedies for a variety of symptoms. Through further research… I learned that most symptoms are caused by interference within the nervous system and knew that I wanted to be a nervous system based chiropractor!

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